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Dalbello DS 105 W (Black Navy Blue) -21

Dalbello DS 105 W (Black Navy Blue) -21
Brand: Dalbello
Product Code: BOOTo 0023
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Dalbello DS 105 W (Black Navy Blue) -21
Size-  25/25.5, 26/26.5

The Dalbello DS 105 boots for women, have been manufactured for alpine piste skiing, recommended for intermediate level skiers. Made especially for the female foot: The shape, fit and flex of these boots meet the requirements of both sports and experienced skiers. Their special performance and easy footwear are the main features of this boot. This is made possible by the unique Powercage construction with a structure of harder material that allows power transmission and control without sacrificing comfort. MyFit technology ensures a perfect, comfortable fit. The warm soft materials of the inner boot finish off this ski boot perfectly. The lateral tilt can be individually adjusted to increase the driving dynamics. On the Dalbello DS 105 boots, GripWalk soles can be retrofitted to provide greater walking comfort and better grip.

- Variable ramp angle
Adding the variable ramp Shim angle under the bracket changes the ramp angle from 3 to 4 degrees. This gives the skier the ability to find the optimum ramp angle for balance and performance.

- Thermally insulated inner boot
The super lightweight board offers great power transmission to the ski while keeping the boot thermally insulated.

- Calzo edge
Customize the inclination with different plates for the canting.

- Blocked cuff
The rod lockout mode increases rear support and minimizes rod rear bending. Skiers notice that the boot responds much better and is much more powerful and precise.

- Micro buckles
It allows skiers to 'fine tune' the buckle tension for a more accurate adjustment. With the micro-adjustment, you can turn the buckle to lengthen or shorten it.

- Tilt (shaft alignment)
The bolts allow for correct ankle flexion, a gentle forward tilt and a more natural posture.

- 3D Grip Texture
The irregular pattern of 3D Grip Texture provides additional grip when walking on well-conditioned slopes or fresh snow and positively influences the balanced stiffness of the boot. 3D Grip Texture adds material right where it's needed to harden the bottom layer for improved power transmission from boot to ski. In addition, the structure prevents scratches and improves overall durability.

- Special low profile geometry cuff for women
Women's boots with a removable cuff allow the opening circumference of the top of the boot to be increased by approximately 5 cm and the overall height of the boot to be reduced by 1.5 cm.

- Additional insulation
All Dalbello women's boots use structural materials that are lighter, warmer and more flexible than those used in the corresponding men's models.

- Conical adjustment at the rearfoot
Dalbello build their women's boots with carefully designed shoe shapes (lasts) that are designed to provide a unique fit and size profile optimised for the unique characteristics of a woman's foot.

- Low-volume setting bending formers
The unique and comfortable size and fit profile is optimized for the characteristics of a woman's foot. Due to a narrow heel and wider forefoot, women's boots support a skier in the best way by transmitting power directly and cushioning the foot throughout the day.

- Last adjustable in a range of 99 mm
- Material: Polyurethane
- Flex: 105
- Strap: 40 mm
- Weight: 1715 g

- Overlap design
To obtain a high level of power, precision and control, boots have been made with the traditional overlap construction. The architecture consists of two parts: The lower part, next to the shell. And the upper part with the rod, which transmit the power directly to the ski and the binding. The defined flex and the traditional power-bounce feature allow for precise control of the ski.

- My Fit
The My Fit system allows you to quickly and easily customise both the shell and the boot. Thanks to the anatomical preformed profiles of the shell, each My Fit boot offers the best possible versatility from the first fit. The thermoforming does not last more than 8 minutes and the flexion remains unchanged, to guarantee the best performance and comfort for the whole day.

- Powercage
The Powercage construction is Dalbello's revolutionary external reinforcement backbone for improved power transmission and performance

- Contour 4
This technology follows the anatomical shape of the foot at 4 critical points of the shoe to create 'comfort zones' at the ankle, heel, fifth metatarsal and navicular bone. The embossed profiles formed on the bottom of the housing at these 4 points provide a precise fit and minimize the need for intervention to modify the shell.

- Drive and Control
Drive and Control technology offers more volume in the toe and a precise wrap-around heel area. While the comfortable volume of the toe offers a better fit, better blood circulation and, as a result, warmer feet and toes, the wrap-around heel area represents more control, direct power transmission and more sensitivity.